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Growmigo: Grow Your Plant

Developer: Growmigo Inc.

Growmigo is a unique platform used by home gardeners around the world to get quick, simple and accurate plant growing instructions for the exact location of their garden.At Growmigo we realize that one gardeners growing advice may not be accurate, but what if over 1000 different gardeners and gardening professionals worldwide gave the same gardening tip? And if they were in close proximity to your garden location? This combination would improve a gardener's chances of successfully growing plants.That’s when we started collecting data from thousands of different gardening-related websites worldwide, (seed suppliers, farmers, gardening blogs etc’) and put it together with over 150 different sources of weather data to give you a quick, statistically accurate result that optimizes your chances of growing your plant.
With over two years of development we were able to create the only universal growing calculator for calculating the optimal time to grow any plant depending on the location of your garden. You do not need to know the date of your first and last frost dates or even your hardiness zones. We give you a simple result that incorporates all this information to one quick and easy result.